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Windows 8 App - Contract Meow (by Yammer)

Contract Meow is a windows 8 (windows store) app that shows how to connect to the Yammer API and start sending/receiving request.

API included are:
  • Authentication - for authenticating users and login
  • OpenGraph - for sending activities to yammer
  • AutoComplete - For sending ranked 'search' request that are socially relevant to the authenticated user.

  • Visual Studio 2012 Update 3
  • NuGet 2.5+


The solution contains two Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) that contain the Data Transaction Objects (DTOs) and the Models used at the App layer.
PCLs are targeting .NET 4.0 Framework, but could be re-target for .NET4.5 (depending on the target framework the consumer projects are targeting) to have access to additional namespaces and classes (e.g. System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlEncode).

Note: Because PCLs are targeting the lowest denominator for maximum compatibility, the reference to NewtonSoft.Json is also a .NET4.0 reference. This doesn't cause problems at runtime, however, if you didn't download the lib folder, you may have to remove and add some dependencies with NuGet in the PCLs and potentially the windows store class libraries too to make sure all references are included correctly.

Note: We will be updating the SDK with a v2.0 containing clients for the API and OAuth authentication process.

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